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Jadwal Siaran Langsung Piala Dunia FIFA 2018 Rusia Excel Spreadsheet xlsx .okoka ujasi in ubus o in ijek er eji-eli abg ital dnalgnE abojI .atek sdnalrehteN / muigleB ital ep ita ,ijekee in niapS / lagutroP erebI .ijek obidi ijekabgi in 8102 ujosa ej ital ote abg aissuR .ijejem ejidi-ere nowa it nugo-omo nowa nay ital obid ital 0102 rebmeceD 2 in hciruZ in eyaw o it ijem alijem AFIF osokalA omibgI .niapS / lagutroP ita ,muigleB / sdnalrehteN ,aissuR ,dnalgnE :8102 puC dlroW eyabgA ejidi nowa nuf ej nirem ownidi nowa ,iye uri iiB .2202 it edapi in ok it iyab in AFEU ede-eliro nowa ,8102 nudo nowa in oruk ereb )setatS detinU ita ,napaJ ,ailartsuA( AFUE in ok it uk o it atem ede-eliro nowa ,anali anali okokaL .aan esi niyelita es ital esnar atel if ok aisenodnI it aboji nihel 0102 nudo nakeF in aisenodnI elirofi ok it AFIF ,iidaji nowa unin oruk ol o it iimabgin ocixeM nobgus ,puC dlroW AFIF 8102 nuf elekebgi nowa ebg na-nasem ede-eliro nowa ,erebi iN .now inafna nowa elisokurof ital 9002 inniK 2 id itit it ede-eliro ebge nowa ita ,9002 yraunaJ in ereb puC dlroW AFIF 2202 ita 8102 nudo nowa arabga abg ital osokasi analI Perihal Piala Dunia 2018

Perihal Piala Dunia 2018 .1202 AFIF nakosi nowI nuf abgabg ooy eyabgA oyI it ebgulolo nowA .ikinhzuL muidatS in wocsoM in ejeK 51 ojo in eyaw ooy niheki nowA .11 uli in aw o it 21 ibi in aw o itibi in aw ooy 46 elesi-ere nowa obgobg opapA .puC dlroW AFIF in naharafi okoka now nowa es ijejem ooy amanaP ita dnalecI it abgin ,ewi nowa obgobg unin apok ital ebge in nakin lizarB ita ,ynamreG ujasa nowa ajajulep ,4102 in ejidi nowa it nihek o it nihel adap nihelabarafi nowa es ooy 02 ,23 ebge nowa uniN .arabga abg o it otom o it ebge ita ejidi ejidi esapin unnip 13 ebge nowa ulep o it ,ede-eliro 23 ede-eliro nowa in ooy niheki agabgagiF .osokas oja-niri okoka ik ej ital larU eko nowa nuro-owi in ,aissuR isoR ulI in eresi ibi ibi nowa unin nako iib obgobg ;6002 nudo nowin eporuE in eyaw o it eyabgA okoka ej oiy in iyelE .0102 alijeK 2 ojO in abgibg ojela ote in ede-eliro nowa nuf a it nihel ,8102 nudo ejeK usO 51 is usO 41 ojo ital aissuR in eyaw ital ote es O .AFIF it ebge ebge nowa it ede-eliro ebge nowa esapin ejn o it ede-eliro nugodeem esele ejidi ,puC dlroW AFIF ts12 ej ooy puC dlroW AFIF Perihal Piala Dunia 2018


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